Chicago PD Whistleblower True-Life Tale ‘Code Of Silence’ Acquired By OddLot

OddLot Entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: OddLot Entertainment has acquired feature film rights to Code Of Silence, a four-part article from The Intercept journalist Jamie Kalven. The 2016 series is based on the true story of Chicago police officer Shannon Spaulding and her experience as a whistleblower in a corruption and cover-up case within the Chicago PD.

Kalven’s conducted extensive interviews with Spaulding and her partner Danny Echeverria, who uncovered a massive criminal enterprise within the department, in which a team of gang tactical officers were exacting a “tax” from drug dealers in the city’s projects while targeting rival gangs. When the pair tells what they know, they are subjected to a fierce campaign of retaliation ordered by high-ranking officials. Eventually, Spalding’s testimony leads to official investigations and contributes to the exonerations of several framed by the rogue officers.

Gigi Pritzker Rachel Shane

Madison Wells Media’s OddLot has also optioned life rights to Spaulding’s story as part of the deal, which saw multiple bidders. OddLot’s Gigi Pritzker and Rachel Shane will produce the movie, Adrian Alperovich will executive produce and Melissa Rucker is co-producer.

“At OddLot we believe in sharing powerful stories full of strong and distinct characters,” CEO Pritzker said. “Shannon Spaulding is surely just that, and Jamie Kalven is an award-winning investigative journalist; his story in The Intercept was riveting and deeply relevant to this moment in history.”

OddLot co-produced and co-financed last year’s Best Picture Oscar nominee Hell Or High Water, and is the Emmy chase this year with Nat Geo’s Genius. The company released the Gillian Robespierre pic Landline this summer.

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