Stephen Colbert Slams Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Pitch In North Dakota

Stephen Colbert

President Donald Trump traveled to North Dakota to pitch his tax plan; Stephen Colbert described it as “rambling incoherently until they turned his mic off.”

Trump began by addressing local issues, like North Dakota’s current drought.

“I just said to the governor, I did not know you had droughts this far north. Guess what? You have them,” Trump informed the locals at his public appearance.

“They know,” Colbert advised Trump.

POTUS also compared North Dakota, with its drought, to Houston, which is trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey:

“I know you have a little bit of a drought. They had the opposite believe me,” Trump said. “You are better off. They had the absolute opposite.”

Commented Colbert: “I’m going to guess that one was off-script.”

Then, Trump laid out his tax plan, which he promised will:

One: be simple, fair, easy to understand,

Two: cut taxes for middle-class families, and

Three: restore the country’s competitive edge.

“Four: I’m never releasing my tax returns. Ever,” Colbert added.

Trump also asked the crowd if product labels should read MADE IN AMERICA or MADE IN USA, explaining “We should pick one or the other, probably.”

“Yeah, we should pick one – and then the electoral college can pick the other,” Colbert cheap-shot-ed.

If you are worried Donald Trump does not have a real plan for the economy – that’s fair,” Colbert said after hearing Trump, in North Dakota, embrace what he called The American Model

“I’m not surprised,” Colbert said. “He’s known for embracing American models. Doesn’t even ask, just grabs them.”

Audience groaned. “That’s an oldie, but goodie; oldie but baddie,” Colbert admitted.

By far the most awkward moment came when POTUS brought up First Daughter Ivanka, who had accompanied her father on the trip.

Ivanka is Trump’s prized possession, and he acknowledged as much, guessing some people say, “He can’t be that bad a guy – look at Ivanka.”

“Come on up honey,” Trump said by way of introducing her.

In January, Ivanka Trump was appointed Senior Adviser to the President of the United States, an unpaid post.

“She’s so good,” Trump said to the North Dakota crowd, revealing she had asked him, “Daddy, can I go with you?”

“I said, ‘Yes, you can’,” Trump beamed.

“Not weird at all,” Colbert insisted. “All of Trump’s advisers calls him ‘Daddy’. Sean Spicer’s actually the one who started it.”

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