Seth Meyers Slams Donald Trump’s Summer Of Near Constant Chaos

Seth Meyers

NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers returned from hiatus talking about President Donald Trump’s Summer Of Near Constant Chaos, which Trump wound up, hours before Meyers taped, with the announcement he is killing DACA.

Over the holiday weekend, Trump illustrated he knows nothing about how to load a truck, when he returned to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery. POTUS handed supplies into a truck’s driver seat rather than into the back of the truck, asking the driver, “Can you handle this? Have a good time.”

In fairness, Meyers conceded, “we don’t need elbow grease from a president at times of tragedy; we need inspirational words. But even there, Trump was not up to the task,” Meyers said, seguing to clips of Trump remarks made during two visits to the state.

“I don’t want to say Trump is out of touch with reality, so I’ll let him say it,” Meyers said, introducing a clip of Trump, on site, saying of the hurricane, “As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing for the country to watch, for the world to watch. It’s been beautiful. Have a good time everybody.”

Trump bungled another photo op to praise the Coast Guard for its heroic work, because he couldn’t resist using the moment to savage the media. Trump snarked media would not have gone into those high winds in choppers “unless it’s a really good story.”

“Of course, the media was on those choppers with the Coast Guard for many of those rescues,” Meyers noted, explaining that is why Trump “saw them ON THE NEWS.”

Moving on to DACA, Trump has backed himself “into a corner by catering to the racial resentment of his base,” Meyers segued.

“Needlessly tormenting hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans with the cruel and capricious policy that is supported neither by the majority of voters or leaders of his own party” begs the question why Republicans continue to stand by him, Meyers said.

“GOP congressman Duncan Hunter best summed up the core ideology of the modern GOP on Friday when he said, of Trump, to a group of Republicans, ‘He’s an *sshole, but he’s our *sshole’,” the late-night host reported.

“I’m not a licensed proctologist –but, Congressman, there is something seriously wrong with your *sshole,” Meyers snarked.


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