Donald Trump Takes Back DACA Kill? Tweets Plan To “Revisit” If Congress Does Not “Legalize” In 6 Months


President Donald Trump appears to have been visited by the Ghosts of Dreamers Past and Future, because he’s just tweeted “Never mind” – or words to that effect – on today’s carefully orchestrated base-baiting announcement that DACA is D-E-A-D.

The New York Times had reported White House insiders were worried Trump did not fully grasp the impact of what it was Attorney General Jeff Sessions had announced this morning – and which former President Barack Obama denounced in a Facebook post a few hours later. The sources said they feared Trump might capitulate if the blowback was bad.

It was.

Here is the President of the United States’ tweet from this evening that has gobsmacked TV news anchors, as well as late-night show hosts who’d already taped tonight’s monologues:

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