‘Blade Runner 2049’ Prequel Short Connects Events To Original 1982 Film – Watch

Warner Bros.

The first of three Blade Runner 2049 shorts dropped so as to bridge the gap between the events of the 1982 film (which left off in 2019) and the Warner Bros./Sony/Alcon sequel that’s opening on Oct. 6.

Directed by Ridley Scott’s son, Luke Scott, 2036: Nexus Dawn follows Jared Leto’s Niander Wallace who has created a new series of replicants, the Nexus 9, which are a step above those in the original movie. In the short, it’s been 13 years since the replicant prohibition has been enacted and Wallace wants it repealed. “This is an angel and I made him,” says Leto’s Wallace about his new android.

During Warner Bros’ Hall H presentation at Comic-Con they flashed up a groovy timeline on the 270-degree screen showing key events between both Blade Runner films (see below). In addition to the 2023 landmark, the Wallace Corp. alleviates the globe’s food shortage in 2025, while Wallace himself starts pushing back on the replicant prohibition in 2030. By 2049, the Los Angeles that Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Rachael (Sean Young) escaped has now been divided into humans and replicants.

It will be interesting to see if Blade Runner 2049 makes good on an Easter Egg presented in the Prometheus DVD which connected Ridley Scott’s Alien universe to the Blade Runner mythology. Essentially, one of the DVD’s bonuses revealed that Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland (who funded the space expedition that Shaw was on in Prometheus) had a mentor, and that was Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkell), a character in the Blade Runner movie who was the CEO of the Tyrell Corporation which produced the replicant androids that Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard pursues. A mega universe between Alien and Blade Runner on the big screen would truly take both franchises to another level.

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