Tomi Lahren Debuts As Fox News Channel Contributor On Tonight’s ‘Hannity’

Tomi Lahren

Fox News Channel has signed right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren as a contributor; she will make her debut on tonight’s Hannity. Lahren will have a “signature” role on an FNC digital product currently in development, FNC said, and will provide commentary on the network’s “opinion” programming — primarily Sean Hannity’s program.

Prior to joining FNC, Lahren worked for Super PAC Great America Alliance in service of President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid. Previously, she hosted Tomi on TheBlaze, and On Point With Tomi Lahren on One America News Network. FNC also noted Lahren boasts more than 4.4 million Facebook followers, and is known for her “Final Thoughts” videos about politics and pop culture.

Lahren, who came out as pro-choice on ABC’s The View, sued Glenn Beck and his conservative media network TheBlaze in April, after her two-year contract was terminated following that headline-making View news. She settled with Beck and Blaze in May and was released from the employment contract that would have held her until the end of September, allowing her to seek employment with competitors, reported The Dallas Morning News, which had been leading coverage on the tribulations of the Dallas native.

Lahren got to keep the Facebook page the company created for her, and which FNC boasted of this morning, but had to return TheBlaze’s intellectual property posted to that page, the newspaper reported. That means deleting videos produced for the page by TheBlaze, some of which have been watched more than 67 million times.

Here is one of Lahren’s recent GAA efforts:

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