Film Independent Names 2017 Screenwriting Lab Fellows


Film Independent, the group behind the Spirit Awards and L.A. Film Festival, has unveiled the six scribes chosen for its 19th annual Screenwriting Lab.


“This extraordinary group of artists brings a breadth of fresh and dynamic voices to the 2017 Screenwriting Lab,” said Jennifer Kushner, Director of Artist Development at Film Independent. “We know they’ll enrich the Film Independent community, and we’re excited to offer them an opportunity to develop not only their projects but their filmmaking careers.”

For the sixth year, Film Independent will present the Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television Screenwriting Fellowship. This year’s recipient is alumnus Sam McGoldrick who will be awarded a $10,000 grant to develop his script Strawberry Fields through the Screenwriting Lab.

Here are the 2017 Screenwriting Lab participants and their projects:

Title: The Dance Crusader
Writer, Director: Marcos Davalos
Logline: After witnessing his father’s deportation, a gay undocumented Latino teen enters a dance competition determined to win a cash prize the top cash prize in order to keep his family together.

Title: The Dust
Writer, Director: Amanda Brennan
Logline: In 1930’s Oklahoma, when wheat prices drop and dust storms begin, one girl, at odds with her sexuality, believes she is the cause.

Title: Ghost Stories
Writer, Director: Michael Lei
Logline: During the height of the Cold War a mythical, shape-shifting room plays a pivotal role in the lives of several families desperate to escape across the Berlin Wall.

Title: Jawbone
Writer: Allison Lee
Logline: A Korean woman’s dreams come true after she undergoes drastic plastic surgery but everything begins to fall apart when she gives birth to a daughter who looks nothing like her.

Title: Strawberry Fields
Writer: Sam McGoldrick|
Logline: At a CIA black site in Guantanamo Bay, a Muslim-American psychologist resorts to increasingly grave methods to dissect the mind of a terrorist suspect. As she pushes deeper into his troubled psyche, she discovers a growing darkness in herself.

Title: Valley of Exile
Writer, Director: Anna Fahr
Logline: In the arid valley of Eastern Lebanon, two Syrian sisters set out in search of their missing brother uncertain of where their own journey into exile will lead.

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