Donald Trump Praises Self, Punches Foes On Twitter, As Hurricane Harvey Bears Down On Texas

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Predicting few bills will be passed if Republicans do not end the “filibuster,” President Trump then began to perform his Friday morning Twitter bending, stretching, and “Fake News” punching exercises.

Glaringly missing from this morning’s comprehensive Presidential Tweet Storm, however,  was any reference to Hurricane Harvey which the National Hurricane Center said early this morning was “dangerously approaching the Texas Coast” and was expected to bring “life-threatening” storm-surge flooding by end of the day, leaving swaths of South Texas “uninhabitable for weeks or months,” the weather service said using the strongest language it has used since 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, which left more than 1.8K dead.

The absence of any Harvey mention in this morning’s Trump Tweet Tirade was so striking, Sen. Chuck Grassley felt compelled to tweet him a warning, not to make a George W. Bush mistake:

Instead, this is what was on Trump’s mind this morning:

He included some praise that had come his way from frequent Fox News contributor, Nick Adams:

….and took another punch at a fellow Republican, Sen. Bob Corker, who had publicly questioned the president’s stability and competence in the wake of Trump’s troubling responses to white supremacist in Charlottesville:


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