‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ To Be Projected In 270-Degree ScreenX Format

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox’s Sept. 22 action spy sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be the studio’s first to be converted and exhibited in CJ’s ScreenX, the 270-degree panoramic film projection system which creates a visually surround experience on three theater walls.

At a time when exhibition stateside is in a sling with some claiming that the domestic box office is losing out to 70″ 4K HDTV and Netflix in the home, here’s an immersive large format that’s designed to dynamite people out of their living rooms. ScreenX is still nascent in the United States, with availability at only three venues split between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Overseas, ScreenX is more prevalent, with many South Korean action films as well as Hollywood titles (i.e. The Great Wall, King Arthur, The Legend of the Sword) converted to play on the three-wall system. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be available in ScreenX in six countries, playing at 119 locations in Korea, China, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and the United States. Here in the Los Angeles area, Golden Circle will play at the CGV Los Angeles in Koreatown and CGV Buena Park. In addition to opening in ScreenX, Golden Circle will also be premiering in 4DX – CJ 4DPLEX’s alternative immersive format that features motion seats and environmental effects. The Matthew Vaughn-directed film, will also be made available for bookings on nearly 400 4DX screens in 49 countries worldwide. Previously stateside, the only other two pics to play in ScreenX were Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and the South Korean movie The Battleship Island. 

“ScreenX is a visually beautiful and immersive format that transcends the traditional cinema and movie theatre experience. We’re looking forward to the second installment of the Kingsman franchise to debut in the 270-degree viewing format, and anticipate our fans around the globe to be astonished and immersed in the best way possible,” said Andrew Cripps, President of International Distribution, 20th Century Fox in a statement.

“As we grow our presence and footprint here in the States, we’re excited to continue to work with top studios like 20th Century Fox to really produce and provide quality content for film viewers around the world. We’re confident that the beautifully shot Kingsman: The Golden Circle will wow fans as they witness the film spanning three walls inside a ScreenX auditorium, or enjoy the action and unique experience provided by 4DX,” said Byung-Hwan Choi, CEO, CJ 4DPLEX.



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