Peter Antico Files “Election Fixing” Complaint On Eve Of SAG-AFTRA Election

Accusing SAG-AFTRA of “election fixing,” Peter Antico has filed a formal complaint with the union on the eve of ballot-counting. Antico, a candidate for union president, also is running for the local and national boards and as a delegate to the union’s biennial convention. In his complaint, he charges that the way the union is conducting its national and local board races goes “against all principles of fair and ethical election procedures.”

In its election of 136 convention delegates, the union’s voter guide states that two delegate positions in L.A. are reserved specifically for stunt performers and that two more are set aside for singers. And to vote for a stunt performer or a singer, “a member must be a member of that category as of the cutoff of voting eligibility (June 26) to vote for candidates in that race.”

The union also sets aside one seat for stunt performers on each of the local and national boards but allows anyone, no matter what their category, to vote for them.

Peter Antico

Antico, a veteran stuntman who’s one of four candidates vying for that one stunt performer seat on the local board, maintains that it’s unfair for non-stunt performers to be allowed to vote in the stunt category when they’re specifically prohibited from doing so in the election of delegates.

“It is unfair for members who don’t work in a category/profession to have the ability to vote on who represents them,” he said in his complaint. “This could result in performers getting elected who are not the will of that particular category. Members have a right to choose who represents them.”

One of five candidates for president, he’s also one of 11 candidates vying for three stunt-category seats as delegates to the convention and also is running for the national board – not as a stunt performer but as an actor. Ballots will be counted Thursday.

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