Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Develops Graphic Novel IP ‘Guntown’ That Looks At Both Sides Of Gun Debate

Lorenzo di Bonaventura

Here’s an interesting twist. Transformers franchise producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has developed his own graphic novel that he will work to develop for multiple platforms — film, TV, video games and digital. The book is entitled Guntown and was written by Bob Quinn and Andy Shapiro.

Guntown is set in a not-too-distant future where the federal government passes the Gun Violence in America Act in response to a national epidemic of gun violence. The new law mandates that anyone wishing to possess or who is caught carrying a firearm of any kind is relocated to the National Firearm Zone, a massive walled city in the deserts of New Mexico. This area is now the only place in the country where firearms can be used. The rule is simple: Once you enter the NFZ, you — and future generations of your family — never can leave. Locals call it Guntown.

The first book in what will be a series follows Jimmy and Wade, two best friends since youth who battle a threat rising from within the walls. The adventure will reveal secrets of a dark past, bring their unshakeable friendship to its breaking point, and set the stage for the town’s ultimate battle.

“I loved the creative process and unfettered by anyone else’s opinion but our creative team so that was fantastic. We are not making enough movies that have interesting premises,” said di Bonaventura, who pointed to a film they did at Warner Bros — Falling Down (Michael Douglas starred, Arnold Kopelson produced) —  as one that really galvanized moviegoers and began discussion. “The gun issue is one that people feel so passionately about and it doesn’t take a pro or con view but it looks at it from both sides, and hopefully people being entertained. In this day and age, controlling IP is very important and Bob and Andy came up with a very interesting story and we worked to develop it,” he told Deadline.

Di Bonaventura partnered with Cam Eldred, Brian Moreno and the writers Quinn and Shapiro to create this new world. “Guntown is rooted in the political,” Quinn and Shapiro said in a statement, “but we wanted to focus the story primarily on the people living within this setting and under these unprecedented circumstances.”

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