Trevor Noah On Return From South Africa: Left “Third World And Landed In Third Reich”

Returning after a two-week hiatus, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said he’d decided to escape the racial tension in this country by visiting his native South Africa during his vacation. But it was “chaos” there, so he returned to the U.S. early, to “chill.”

“Turns out, I left the Third World and landed in the Third Reich,” Noah said.

“I know this happened a week ago, but I’m still processing everything,” the host said, describing how a domestic terrorist killed a woman who had been peacefully protesting a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, using his car as a weapon, after which, Noah said, “The President of the United States defended the neo-Nazis who that dude was marching with.” And Trump defended them not once but twice, Noah marveled, describing Trump’s performance at his Trump Tower news conference as “untrained Jedi failing hard.”

“After tragic national events, a leader, even a mediocre leader, says things to unite the country, to calm the tensions, not inflame them” –  and especially not express sympathy for Nazi sympathizers, Noah chastised.

Today in America, seven months into Trump’s White House term – “41 months to go,” Noah noted – POTUS has “legitimized white supremacy and said we need to see things from the Nazis’ point of view. You know, march a mile in their boots.”

Noah thought that press conference would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. But a poll, showing 67% of Republicans approve of the way Trump handled Charlottesville, seems to indicate that Trump’s party “has a lot of camels,” Noah snarked.

“Anyone can fart,” Noah continued, making a sharp metaphorical pivot. “But it takes a special group of people” to include two-thirds who sniff the results and say “nicely done. … I like that.”

Said Noah: “If so many Trump supporters are willing to give Nazis the benefit of the doubt, then clearly anything goes. There is no line they won’t cross, no cross they won’t burn.”

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