Bill O’Reilly: Donald Trump Is Ignorant About Nazism


President Donald Trump’s ignorance about Nazism is responsible for his infamous Tuesday press conference claim that all sides were to blame for the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Trump pal Bill O’Reilly says.

In an opinion piece posted this morning on The Hill, the former Fox News Channel star said many people – including the President of the United States – “have no clue as to how German Nazis went about their lethal business.”

Trump’s ignorance hurt him Tuesday when he “saw violence by some counter-protesters” in Charlottesville and “pointed it out.”

“But when a young woman is killed by an alleged Nazi sympathizer, that point must wait to be made,” O’Reilly wrote.

Had Trump been better educated, “the Charlottesville political debacle might have been avoided in the sense that zero tolerance for the supremacists could have actually united the country.” Instead, Trump created a situation in which we have “even more ideological strife on our hands.”

In his column, O’Reilly also blames public schools, saying “in many American public schools, World War II and Nazism is barely mentioned.” Trump did not attend them.

O’Reilly has an interest in people understanding Nazism. As he noted in his column, he’s written books on WWII and has another on the way. Killing England is scheduled to be released on September 19.

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