Stephen Colbert Updates Steve Bannon’s Résumé: Skills Include “Dissolving Enemies In Bathtub”

CBS via Twitter

Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show has spared some time and effort for the newly unemployed Steve Bannon. In a new Late Show video, Bannon’s résumé gets a thorough update, with his skills amended to include Microsoft Excel and “Dissolving enemies in bathtub” (watch the video below).

Employment history? Seems Bannon was Satan’s intern while working at the 9th Circle of Hell, where his duties were “Tormenting sinners by forcing them to listen to my political ramblings.”

And who knew his responsibilities at the White House included organizing alt-right bake sales?

Best gag, though, might come under the résumé’s Objectives column: “To land a job where I don’t have to work with a bunch of cucks. Like stupid Jared.”

Check out the CBS Late Show promo here:

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