Christopher McQuarrie On Why Making Release Date Won’t Be A Mission Impossible Despite Tom Cruise Ankle Break

Tom Cruise Christopher McQuarrie

EXCLUSIVE: When your star suffers a broken ankle filming a stunt, one that will shelve him as long as nine weeks, one might expect making a July 27, 2018 release date to be the kind of nail biter usually found in a Mission: Impossible plot. But not Christopher McQuarrie, who is confident that M:I 6 — Mission Impossible can be completed with time to spare. In fact, he said the deadline pressures were worse on the last Mission: Impossible film, which was the first one McQuarrie directed.

“This is not entirely new territory for us,” McQuarrie told Deadline. “This is the same team that pulled Rogue Nation up five months. We’re not presently facing that kind of pressure here. In order to keep the release date, I will edit now instead of later. When Tom has made a full recovery, we’ll resume shooting and I’ll have that much less to fine cut on the back end. The perception seems to be that we were originally scheduled to complete the film close to the release date. While that was the case with Rogue Nation, which was completed just days before the premiere, that’s not the case here. We have the time we need and, barring the unforeseen, we remain on target for July 2018.”

McQuarrie didn’t want to relive the stunt that went wrong, or say much beyond his confidence he will come through on Paramount’s big summer 2018 film.

Said McQuarrie: “My reluctance to comment further is not wishing to create the appearance of flogging a dead horse.”

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