PHOTOS: Gordon Ramsay Hosts Exquisite “For Your Children” Event In Support Of ‘MasterChef Junior’

For those who think celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay takes himself too seriously, you might want to take a closer look.

On August 14, the ‘MasterChef Junior’ host put on a superb FYC (“For Your Children”) event at West Hollywood’s hot spot bistro, Au Fudge, celebrating five successful seasons of the kindhearted reality-competition program, as well as Ramsay’s first-ever Emmy nomination for the series.

Put on for guild members and their children, Ramsay’s event began with a meet and greet with the youngest of television viewers, leading up to a kids-only cooking activity where the chef demonstrated how to make immaculate strawberry shortcake.

The event was hands-on and culminated in Ramsay being turned into a human ice cream sundae by a bevy of young fans. In the churn of Emmy season, it’s easy to get fatigued with an overabundance of FYC events.

Event coordinators would do well to take a note from Ramsay, who applied the tools of his trade to the creation of a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

To see Gordon Ramsay’s delightful, joy-filled ¬†metamorphosis into a living, breathing dessert, click on the photo gallery above.

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