Seth Meyers: Press Conference Proves Donald Trump “Fully Out Of His Mind”


Seth Meyers had to added a Breaking Crazy segment to his Tuesday opening because President Donald Trump held his pixilated press conference just as Late Night was about to start taping.

“You know that list of side affects at the end of a pharmaceutical ads? He apparently has all of them,” Meyers said.

In his presser Trump said there were “fine people” on both side of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and that the side that included neo-Nazis and white supremacists had been protesting the taking down of Robert E. Lee’s statue in town. Trump informed reporters he’d heard Stonewall Jackson is “coming down” next and wondered if George Washington would be next week and Thomas Jefferson the week after. “You really have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” POTUS said.

“Where does it stop? Buddy we been asking ourselves that since January,” Meyers responded, likening Trump to “a bad waitress in a crappy diner who is trying to get fired so she can go to a concert.”

“Trump is so fully out of his mind he broke a general,” Meyers said, showing a photo of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly standing to the side during the presser, with his head bowed and his arms folded across his chest. “This guy has been in wars!”

“Congress, isn’t this enough? Cut bait on the president – it’s time to let this crazy bitch go the concert.”

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