Fullscreen Sets Fall Slate: Shows Starring Jay Versace, Danielle Campbell, Nathan Kress

Fullscreen has unveiled its fall original programming slate, which includes four new series, including Jay Versace Is Stuck in the 90s starring Versace, along with previously announced Alive in Denver starring Nathan Kress (iCarly) and Danielle Campbell (The Originals) set to premiere later this year.

“Building on the momentum from a strong first half of the year, we are thrilled with our new slate of shows featuring more strong personalities, unique storytelling and boundary-pushing creativity” said Scott Reich, Senior Vice President of Programming, Fullscreen.

Fullscreen also will release new episodes of popular talk series including Suck Less with Willam with upcoming guests Courtney Act and House of Avalon, while Joey Graceffa and Brandon Rogers stop by the recently redesigned Shane & Friends stage. They join Fullscreen’s slate of originals including Magic Funhouse, FANtasies, Hella Gay with Miles Mckenna, and H8TERS starring Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen.

Details on Fullscreen’s new original series below:

JAY VERSACE IS STUCK IN THE 90S to Premiere Fall 2017
Jay Versace, “the funniest teenager on the internet” (Fader.com), is the king of 90s nostalgia and his unique sense of fashion and bold aesthetic make this funny man a true original. Jay in his new series, after a freak accident involving a digital pet in a lighting storm, is sent back to a time before internet celebrity, the sharing economy and smart phones. Now, to get back to 2017, he’ll have to complete tasks using only the tools, technology, clothing and products accessible to every lucky 90’s kid. From shooting a collab video with a camcorder and two VCRs to becoming internet famous before the creation of social media, Jay has to learn to survive the decade that brought us light up sneakers, the pager and boy bands.
PROD. CO: Fullscreen Studios
CAST: Jay Versace
CREW: Director and executive producer Yuri Baranovsky
EP. COUNT: Five ten-minute episodes

FOX TOSSING to Premiere Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Sports have brought mankind together in competition since the dawn of time, and while we still play many of them, there are hundreds you may have never heard of before having been lost to history. The internet’s favorite fearless goofballs, Scotty Sire and Elton Castee are on a mission to play all the ridiculous and mind boggling sports that were too dumb or dangerous to survive. From using ten-foot helium balloons to compete in a distance-floating challenge, to attempting a long jump over 14 barrels on ice skates, to playing a potentially decapitating version of polo on mopeds; no puck, ball or coccyx is safe. Be sure to check out the first look video for more balls-to-the-wall excitement.
PROD. CO: 44 Blue
CAST: Elton Castee, Scotty Sire
CREW: Showrunner and executive producer Bruce Klassen, 44 Blue executive producers Rasha Drachkovitch and Stephanie Noonan Drachovitch
EP. COUNT: Five ten-minute episodes

THE SKEPTIC’S GUIDE TO WELLNESS to Premiere Friday, September 2017
The always outspoken and unapologetic digital star Jaclyn Glenn is a true skeptic. She spends her days questioning the norm, deep diving on divisive topics and acting as her audience’s go-to authority on tough-to-understand subjects and now she’s taking her medical background and scientific mind to the wide world of wellness. From crystal healing to hot new trends like cryotherapy and even psychedelics promising a spiritual awakening, Jaclyn will try it all and tell us what’s real and what’s hype.
PROD. CO: Fullscreen Studios
CAST: Jaclyn Glenn
CREW: Director and executive producer Drew Hunter
EP. COUNT: Five ten-minute episodes

LIVING ROOMS to Premiere Fall 2017
While recovering from being hit by a rogue taco truck, Beth (Alyx Weiss) tries smoking weed to help the pain, leading to the startling and hilarious discovery that she can talk to her furniture while high. Beth’s new found super power may mean she has a new brood of furniture friends, but the reality of living life navigating foul-mouthed dining chairs and hard partying dressers forever changes the course of her life, and brings new meaning to ‘living rooms.”
PROD. CO: Vanishing Angle
CAST: Alyx Weiss
CREW: Sophie Pustil and Paul Jaffe creators and writers, Kelly King directs, Vanishing Angle executive producer Matt Miller and producer Natalie Metzger
EP. COUNT: Seven seven-minute episodes

ALIVE IN DENVER to Premiere Fall 2017
After an apocalyptic meteor narrowly misses Earth, a group of friends deals with the psychological aftermath of having blurted out all their darkest, weirdest secrets to one another just before the world didn’t end. As the rest of the world celebrates humanity’s continued existence, our group struggles to make eye contact with one another and they begin to realize the changes they must make to themselves to survive in this strange new world. Also, many people died looting and most birds are blind now. Brandon Kyle Goodman, Kirby Bliss Blanton and Dione Kuraoka join previously announced Nathan Kress and Danielle Campbell as series regulars.
PROD. CO: Lifeboat Productions
CAST: Nathan Kress, Danielle Campbell, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Dione Kuraoka
CREW: Michael Levin creator and writer, Matt Kazman directs, Lifeboat Executive Producers Jaime Burke and Amy Kim
EP. COUNT: Eight 15-minute episodes

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