Bill O’Reilly Launches Webcast With Help From CNN’s Michael Smerconish; Promises CNN Appearance

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Bill O’Reilly was back in a suit and “on the air” via webcast on his website Wednesday night, after having previously launched a “No Spin News” daily podcast in April, following his firing from Fox News Channel.

The Webcast got a big plug from CNN, via its show host Michael Smerconish, who also is a SiriusXM host and a columnist.

In return, the former Most Watched Host In The Cable TV News Universe promised to be a guest on Smerconish’s CNN show after his new book comes out in September.

This is news because, in April, Fox News Channel parent 21st Century Fox decided to cut ties with the network’s biggest star, ending O’Reilly’s 21-year run at the country’s most watched cable news network, in the wake of an April 1 New York Times report that O’Reilly and FNC paid nearly $13M to settle cases with five women going back 15 years. After that report, two more women claimed  O’Reilly harassed them years ago.

Here is O’Reilly taking to Twitter to announce he is “back in the studio!”:

And here is his wet kiss from CNN host Michael Smerconish who, in fairness, actually was self-promoting:

The two argued about this and that — former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer bearing dirt on Hillary Clinton during the campaign, etc.

“I want to tell everybody Smerconish is a a fair man,” O’Reilly said about halfway through their exchange. “Just because he works for CNN doesn’t mean anything. And, I’m gonna do your program in September after [my] book comes out,” he added, addressing the CNN host, who also hosts a program on Sirius XM’s POTUS channel.

They spent the remaining 2-3 minutes talking about what O’Reilly called Hate Trump Media.

Smerconish said if Bill was trying to “take me now to the next step and say CNN as a network is trying to undermine this president, I’ll go there, and say no, I don’t believe that.”

“And I respect your opinion,” O’Reilly conceded, then blasted it, saying CNN is “hour after hour of speculation with 17 Hate Trumpers and one Jeffrey Lord…who looks like he’s on some kind of tranquilizer, defending him. It’s not a fair fight.”

“I do not play it that way,” Smerconish insisted.

“You let your pals over there do it,” O’Reilly shot back, taking a victory lap.

Smerconish said he is “offended” by any media outlet that operates as hate-Obama or hate-Trump.

“We appreciate it,” O’Reilly said, telling Smerconish he looks better on Skype than in person.

“That’s true, thank you,” Smerconish responded weakly.

“I”ll see you in September,” O’Reilly said, reiterating the booking.


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