Louis C.K.: ‘Louie’ Will Be Very Different Series If It Returns For A Season 6

Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. has no idea if we ever will see another season of his semi-autobiographical FX series Louie, but if it returns it will be a different show.

“I don’t think I will do that exact version,” he said, explaining, “I don’t think I’m that guy…stained black T-shirt with kids. They’re older now.”

“I don’t think about it much.”

Louie debuted in 2010, with C.K. writing, directing, editing, producing and starring as a divorced comedian raising two daughters. In August of ’15, FX said the series was taking an extended hiatus, to return when he was good and ready.

“When you make the first season, you’re figuring out what the show is, what’s good and bad and what’s true,” C.K. told TV critics Thursday morning at TCA. “The second season you make that show. You perfect it over certain number seasons, then you just keep doing it for a while, and then you sputter out, or whatever happens.”

He said he loves making television, noting his work on other series. “I’m happy to be doing that, and my standup, and my other dumb things. I might circle back to it later – a different version. I have no idea if that will happen.”

Earlier in the day, FX Networks/FX Productions CEO John Landgraf likewise said he had no update on a possible Season 6, adding it could go either way. Landgraf noted C.K. has been “very active in his overall deal with us” including Baskets and Better Things, as well projects for Amazon and TBS. “He has other things he has not announced yet that he is working on.

“I think he has changed a lot since he made the last season of Louie,” Landgraf said, suggesting he may have run out of things to say. “If it ever comes back it will be a really different show,” added Landgraf, adding “I’ve got my fingers crossed.”


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