FX CEO John Landgraf Hopes For ‘Fargo’ Season 4; Talks ‘Louie’ Return – TCA

John Landgraf

At FX’s TCA day, CEO John Landgraf said he was hoping for a Season 4 of Fargo, once creator Noah Hawley takes a break from work on Legion. “I hope so,” Landgraf said. “We haven’t heard the idea from Noah for what the fourth season would be.”

However, Landgraf is content to wait for the right idea to come along and suspects that may be sooner rather than later. “I think what we’ve encouraged Noah to do is think about it and make sure he has something that he’s really excited about and believes in,” he said, “so there’s at least some possibility that he won’t have that idea for some period of time. I think there’s also a decent possibility, because Noah’s been insanely fertile and productive, that we’ll hear that idea fairly soon.”

Getting the idea is one thing, scheduling is, as always, another, Landgraf admitted. “He has a really busy schedule though, because he’s working actively right now on the second season of Legion. We’re getting scripts in active prep for Season 2, but as you guys saw he has a burgeoning and very active feature film career too, so we’re going to have to share with our film studio and figure out how to make that work.”

With regard to another FX favorite, Landgraf also said it was possible there would be more seasons of LouieIts creator Louis C.K. has been “very active in his overall deal with us. He has four series from Baskets and Better Things, to One Mississippi for Amazon,” Landgraf said. “You saw what he did with Horace and Pete. He has other things he has not announced yet he is working on.”

Landgraf also acknowledged Louis C.K.’s direction may have changed with a potential new season of Louie. “I think he has changed a lot since he made the last season of Louie,” he said. “If it ever comes back, it will be a really different show because he’s a different guy. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I still talk to him weekly, maybe multiple times a week, because we have so much business.”

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