Louis C.K., Pamela Adlon Discuss Surge In “Male Sh*ttiness” And Donald Trump – TCA


Pamela Adlon, being the Emmy nominated star, writer, director and executive producer of FX’s first comedy series with a solo female lead, was the perfect person to lead a discussion on the “incremental increase in male shittiness” at the Television Critics Association confab in Beverly Hills.

“Can I hug you?” Better Things star Adlon gushed at the male critic who had asked her about this trend during the Q&A for her loosely autobiographical series about a working actress/single mom of three.

As she asked about the hug, the show’s other EP Louis C.K. gave a big two thumbs up and said, “It’s a great year for male shittiness!”

“There is an increase societally in male shittiness – and also a decrease, because you are asking me that question,” Adlon said optimistically.

C.K. said he first met and cast Adlon in Lucky Louie after she was recommended by Phil Rosenthal, after she lost a TV job because “she had no tits.”

That was not Rosenthal’s call, but the network’s, C.K. clarified.

“That can’t be true,” a female reporter said.

“That’s 100% true,” C.K. insisted.

“’No tits’ is a metaphor,” Adlon clarified.

“This is not about boobs,” C.K. added.

“I’m not known as a tits-y kind of lady,” Adlon said.

The Surge in Male Shittness question got asked in light of the clip shown to TV critics before the panel opened for questions in which a male friend asked her to perform oral sex on him. A female critic noted Adlon probably had for years been collecting material on the various inappropriate things men have said to her over the years.

“I think a lot of us have that,” she assured the woman, noting a female friend just yesterday had been trying to calm her down over her fears about North Korea and said of Donald Trump’s mine’s-bigger-than-yours response to Kim Jong-un’s bluster, “We all know men like that. This just happens to be the president.

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