Fox Orders ‘The Four’ Singing Competition Series – TCA


Fox made it official at TCA today that they ordered up The Foura new singing competition series that will focus on four finalists.

Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Chairmen and CEOs, Fox Television Group announced The Four today. Expert panelists for the show will be announced in the near future. These panelists are part of the ultimate winner’s prize as they’ll become key players on the winner’s team and shepherd their career.

While the last phase of American Idol always zeroed on the last four, The Four cuts to the chase. The finalists, chosen from their auditions, will try to defend their coveted spots on the stage, as they are challenged individually by new singers determined to replace them. Each week, if any of the four are outperformed, they’ll go home and their challengers will take their place.

Those challengers could be fans who had been sitting on a couch one week, and singing onstage the next. Viewers will get the chance to literally submit audition tapes. Similar to American Idol, viewers will be able to vote from home on Four contestants. More specifically, TV watchers will get to decide who is brought on the show by voting on the available streamed auditions and influencing which challengers will take on ‘The Four’.

If the existing four singers outperform their challengers, then they survive to sing another week, until the end of the season, when the singers have safely secured their spots on stage and face off against each other, resulting in one being named the winner.

The Four  was created by Armoza Formats and is produced by ITV Entertainment in association with Armoza Formats.  David George, Adam Sher, David Eilenberg, Jessica Sebastian-Dayeh, Simon Thomas, Becca Walker, David Friedman, Avi Armoza and Nehama Cohen will serve as EPs.

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