Donald Trump Monday Morning Twitter Tantrum Disrupts Day 3 Of New Jersey Golf Club Vacation – Update


UPDATED with Trump’s Twitter-tantrum continued: President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Day 3 of his 17-day golf vacation to emphasize he’s not – repeat not – on vacation, as has been widely reported. Rather, he has decamped to his New Jersey White House while the dump in D.C. is being renovated.

Buried in the now-13-and-counting tweets, Trump insists he’s “working hard from New Jersey while White House goes through long planned renovation” and that he’s “going to New York next week for more meetings.”

But mostly, POTUS waxed vitriolic at The New York Times, WaPo, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Connecticut Dem Sen. Richard Blumenthal. It was raining, so Trump could not golf, news outlets mentioned by way of explaining his tantrum.

It’s presumed the NYT  snark is related to the newspaper’s report that Veep Mike Pence is working to prepare a 2020 run if Trump does not/cannot stand for for re-election. Pence issued an official statement calling the report “a disgrace.”

Trump’s Blumenthal blast is likely reax to the senator’s appearance on CNN’s New Day this morning, referencing the Russian probes and Rob Mueller’s having impaneled a grand jury. Trump punched back with snark about Blumental having said in a speech, seven years back, that he had served in Vietnam. After it was reported that Blumenthal served in the Marine Reserves and had been stationed in the U.S., he sheepishly admitted he should have said he served during the Vietnam era.

Trump’s morning output:

Later in Trump’s maybe most prolific Twitter day since taking office, he got back to work:

CNN was reporting on the vote as Trump tweeted that one.

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