‘Scandal’ Co-Stars On Final Season Time Jump & White House Power Struggle


Scandal‘s seventh and final season is already in production, currently filming its second episode. Two episodes in, no character has died but none of the actors knows what’s coming down the road and how the series will end and they are being kept in the dark, learning what’s next episode-by-episode.

Still, at ABC’s TCA party, Scandal‘s Scott Foley and Joe Morton, who play Jake and Eli, shed some light on Season 7.

“All we know so far is that the season picks up about hundred days into Mellie’s presidency, We know that Cyrus Beene got his way and is now the Vice President. Olivia Pope is the Chief of Staff, and she is also running B613, which is going to make for some interesting things, there will be a power struggle between Mellie and Olivia. Jake is the head of the NSA, which he was last season but Olivia is now technically his boss so that’s going to make for some interesting conflict there,” Foley said with assists from Morton who also noted how his character was on his way out when he was summoned in to help. “They pulled me back in, and it’s a good thing,” he said.

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