‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Is Not Yet Finished So Reserve Judgment, EP Says — TCA


When the first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans arrived in June, fans of the franchise were not too impressed, and much negative discussion ensued about the lackluster appearance of Medusa’s wig. At TCA, the criticism continued, including comments on the unclear abilities of the Karnak (Ken Leung) character, and that the show did not look visually suitable for its special September 1st IMAX release.

EP Jeph Loeb had addressed the IMAX release at the opening of the panel, saying that the imagery in the show was “simply extraordinary and should be seen on that screen.” Later, when it was pointed out the show did not appear IMAX-centric, Loeb elaborated, saying, “I can tell you that the show you have seen is not the finished product, so if you’re asking me whether it’s done, it’s not.”


With regard to the character of Karnak, EP Scott Buck clarified, “Karnak has the ability to see the flaw in anything and everything, whether it be a person, a building, anything, and everything. Unfortunately, what this does to Karnak as a person is everything is flawed, so nothing is good enough for Karnak.”

Here again, Loeb explained that the show is not yet finished. “What you’ve seen so far is something that’s unfinished,” he repeated. “Once you’ve seen the whole finished product you actually do [understand].”

The infamous Medusa wig had an outing too, with its wearer Serinda Swan both praising its construction and confessing it was less than comfortable to wear. “It’s very heavy,” she said. “You put it on and everyone is like, ‘You’ve such good posture, you’re so regal,’ but no, my head is being pulled backwards.” The heat was also an issue for her, she said. “There were definitely days shooting in Hawaii with a four-pound red wig down to my shins, which felt like a very warm cat settling on my head, one that I was probably allergic to.”

Swan also acknowledged the bravery it had taken to try and successfully bring this wig to fruition on screen. “It’s never been done before so there are going to be issues,” she said. “There are going to be trial and tribulations.” She praised the CGI used to animate the wig, saying, “I think there was software that actually had to be built with it. If we only did things that were perfect we would never start and so it’s a really phenomenal start.”

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