‘Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On Television’ Pokes Fun At Dick Wolf Procedurals, Creator Says

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On Television is an action comedy set in a world  where the LAPD thinks it’s a good idea to form a task force partnering actors with homicide detectives to take advantage of their “actor skills” and industry connections to help solve murders. It’s written with Hansen in mind because, creator Rawson Marshall Thurber said, his is an “easy voice to write for, and when he’s sober he’s amazing.’

But the show really is about poking fun at “mostly everything Dick Wolf has ever put on the air. It really comes from that, ” Thurber told TV critics at TCA.  The procedural groove is “so worn into television’s consciousness it just seemed really easy to make fun of – certainly some Bochco stuff as well,” he added. And one critic caught the David Caruso sunglasses gag.

The series debuts on YouTubeRed and includes many jokes in which characters mistake YouTubeRed for a porn site, which Susanne Daniels, VP of YouTube Originals,  said are her favorite jokes. And which, Thurber said, made him realize he’d landed at the right network. He added that he and EP Beau Bauman did not get constant notes about the show changing formats because in their show-within-a-show the creators could never agree on the format. The first episode, for instance, ends on a four-camera, live-audience sitcom stage.

And every episode starts with one more dead body than the previous episode.

One critic wondered what would have happened had the title star said no. The show would not exist, Thurber answered, stating the obvious

“Ma’am,” added Hansen, “also, I don’t say ‘no’ to things.”

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