Buckets Of Tears At ‘Everwood’ Reunion Q&A – TCA


Much weeping was done at TCA during Wednesday’s Q&A for the CW Seed presentation of Everwood’s 15th anniversary reunion. The CW never aired Everwood, which ran on its predecessor the WB from September 2002-June 2006. CW has the distinction, however, of being the network that canceled the drama when WB merged with UPN. This was not lost on TV critics, who loved this series like it was their own child and who creator Greg Berlanti credited with keeping the series afloat.

“This is an emotional day for me,” Berlanti said, by way of explaining a longish moment of silence as he answered a question. “It was about coming of age, and I was so lucky I made it when I did, at the beginning of my career.” The producer noted that he was 29 when he pitched the series on the side, because he’d been told procedurals were in – family dramas not so much.

Later, when talk turned to the provocative Episode 20, which dealt with an abortion, Tom Amandes got choked up. Then, collecting himself, he said, “I would say, as an actor, it was some of the finest and bravest writing I have ever had the pleasure of working on.”

Treat Williams and Vivien Cardone began crying when she described moving with her mother to Utah to work on the series when she was just 9 years old. She was missing her father back in New York and noted how much it meant to her that Williams offered to be her “temporary” father.

“I can’t remember the last [TCA] panel were I’ve seen this much emotion,” one TV critic marveled.

In a lighter moment, John Beasley reminisced about Chris Pratt appearing on the show when he was a nobody.

“I taught him how to play tennis and golf. I told him he was going to be a big star – he was a good-looking white boy,” Beasley joked. “I had no idea he was going to be Chris Pratt.”

There was loads of talk among the critics as to whether the show might get a reboot on a streaming service – a trend these days.

“No one has asked, but we all would love to work together again,” Berlanti said.

“In a New York minute,” Williams added.

One critic threw some cold water on that moment, reminding Berlanti that, when he was pitching the launch of Riverdale to them, he said a small-town series could not work today without a dead body.

Williams, undaunted, insisted: “Look at Game of Thrones; it’s just Everwood in fur.”

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