Samantha Bee’s ‘Full Frontal’ Airs First Trump-Positive Segment Tonight


Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal tonight airs what she has called the show’s first “Trump-positive” segment.

It couldn’t be helped. Bee and a crew visited Kurdistan about a month ago, where she met with female soldiers, visited refugee camps, etc., results of which will air tonight and next Wednesday, August 9.

“We shot a bunch of pieces… and ended up doing our first Trump-positive piece,” Bee confessed to Stephen Colbert last week when she guested on his late-night show to plug her road trip (you can watch that above).

“They love him,” she told Colbert of the Kurds’ warm Trump feelings.  “There are so many babies being born named Trump, male and female.”

In the segment airing tonight, Bee meets one of the tots and asks his parents, “What happens if I tousle his hair – is that normalizing him?” That’s a long-distance dig at late-night host Jimmy Fallon, who got panned in some circles for tousling Trump’s hair on Tonight Show during the White House race. Some political wags blamed Fallon for having “normalized” the reality-TV star, helping pave the way for a Trump win.

Full Frontal field producer Razan Ghalayini told Deadline the team tried to track down the Baby Named Trump who had been the subject of a CNN post from a couple months back, but learned the tot was too far away for their tight schedule and too close to a conflict zone. As they were mulling what to do, their driver heard them chatting and told them one of his neighbors also named a baby after our president. “We ended up going to his neighbor’s house. We were very lucky,” Ghalayini said.

But Ghalayini’s favorite moment of tonight’s segment comes when a guy calls Sam “shrill”  – and Bee’s reaction.

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