AARP Plans TV Guidance Initiative For Older Americans


AARP, the nonprofit for Americans 50 and older, wants to help guide its members through the TV landscape. A new AARP initiative called TV for Grownups will offer online reviews, news and even awards, the organization said today.

The new project follows AARP’s Movies for Grownups initiative. The organization said TV for Grownups aims to connect its 38 million members with relevant programming while also helping to “demystify the technology associated with home entertainment.”

AARP will hold the first annual TV for Grownups Awards in 2018.

“Television has hit a new golden age, climbing to new heights in quality programming, making TV for Grownups the most natural progression for our entertainment portfolio,” said Myrna Blyth, SVP and Editorial Director for AARP Media.

The new initiative will encompass all platforms of television content including broadcast, cable and streaming, AARP said, and “will help viewers make savvy choices when choosing TV related devices and apps, service providers and subscription-based platforms.”

“We’ve had amazing success with our Movies for Grownups initiative,” Blyth said, “and since the 50-plus audience watches more TV than any other demographic we decided to expand our Grownups initiative. It will bring the insight and special access to our members to help grow their connection to appealing TV content the same way we have done with film through Movies for Grownups.”


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