Video Game Fans Remain Big Movie Goers, Machinima Survey FInds


EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood doesn’t have to worry about losing ticket buyers to video games, Warner Bros-owned gamer programming company Machinima says it found in a recent survey.

All of the 2,051 mostly male players polled in April go to the movies at least once a year vs. 71% of the entire population.

Some 17% of gamers see at least 12 movies a year, compared with 11% of the general population, and 83% see between two and 11 movies a year, vs 60% of the entire country,

Machinima commissioned the survey “to substantiate the concept that studios should reach these millennial males through the lens of gaming,” GM Russell Arons said.

The survey showed that gamers’ genre preferences carry over to their film choices. Fans of action games are 34% more likely than the rest of the population to see an action movie on its opening weekend.

Those who like role playing games are 31% more likely to see a sci-fi film when it opens.

Mobile gamers are 21% more likely to go to a comedy.

Fans of fighting games are 30% more likely to see a horror film when it opens.

And those who like sandbox games, enabling them to wander through a virtual world, are 36% more likely to see an animated movie.

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