Anthony Scaramucci Sacked As ‘Washington Week’ Host Robert Costa Takes Stage – TCA


“In the last 15 minutes we have heard from multiple sources Anthony Scaramucci is out as White House Communications Director – Welcome to the high velocity world of political news!” PBS Vice President, News & Public Affairs Marie Nelson said in the best TCA panel intro — ever – as reporters in the hall broke into applause.

A beat before taking the TCA stage, moderator Robert Costa, a WaPo political reporter, had retweeted WaPo White House bureau chief Philip Rucker’s news that Scaramucci got dumped in one of the first acts of just installed Chief of Staff John Kelly. This is rich, of course because Scaramucci’s first order of business on getting named White House Communications Director was to get Kelly’s predecessor Reince Priebus shoved out the door, including giving his infamous Insane Interview to New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza:

And, in maybe the most hilarious tweet of Trump administration coverage to date, Costa tweeted that Trump and his family did not appreciate how Scaramucci’s obscene interview had “linked them to vulgarity”:

Of course it is not possible to “link to vulgarity” a president who so clearly defines it, having described to Billy Bush how he could grab women “by the p*ssy,” boasted about his ability to walk in on beauty pageant competitors in their backstage changing rooms, and may have inadvertently given credibility to that report about his having had a golden shower encounter at the Ritz in Moscow.

“You think you’re the only ones covering drama!” Costa joked at the TV critics in the hall. “I’m waiting for the [TCA panel] and The Mooch is out!

Anthony Scaramucci via Tewitter

This administration comes out of the family organization that President Trump ran for decades and has always surrounded himself with confidantes and loyalists. They do have a gap perception. Sources who texted me said the family really did not like the Scaramucci interview” which they felt was too vulgar, he said.

In Trumpworld it’s okay for The Family to engage in dubious behavior and language, for their entourage, not so much.

Anyone still writing that Fridays are typically slow news days has been asleep for the past six months, Costa said. “Every Friday there is breaking news,” Costa said of the Trump News Cycle. His Friday night PBS show “we want to review the week, but it’s minute by minute” every Friday, he said.

Asked what next shoe will drop in the 30 minutes his TCA Q&A is scheduled, Costa said there is no Plan B for Attorney General, so not that, and General Kelly is expected to bring “some stability,”though he has not gotten control of Donald Trump’s tweets.

“Are you guys dying now?” one critic asked Costa and his executive producer Jeff Bieber as they were on stage taking questions rather than checking their smartphones and tweeting.

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