‘Liar’ Star Joanne Froggatt: “I Want To Do Things That Are Different” — TCA

Joanne Froggatt

There are two sides to every story, and that’s what Sundance’s Liar leans upon. Downton Abbey favorite Joanne Froggatt plays Laura, a teacher who goes on an ill-fated date with Andrew (Ioan Grufford). When the date ends with Laura making a terrible allegation against renowned surgeon Andrew, we must try to decide who to believe.

Co-creator Harry Williams said the show is “playing with the idea of the lie and the audience’s perception of that. They’re often wrong-footed and we’re not sure where we stand between these two characters. That’s the end game we had in mind when coming up with this show.”

His brother and co-creator Jack Williams added a helpful note for viewers. We can rely on one aspect of the timeline. “The flashbacks are to be believed,” he said. “Everyone had their own version of the truth, but it felt important to bring something that can be objective and step outside of that.”

Froggatt said she very excited to play this dynamic role after Downton. “I like to play flawed people,” she said. “We’re all flawed to a greater or lesser degree and I always want to do things that are different from the things I’ve done. I loved Anna Bates, she was a lovely character to play for six years.”

But of course she still had no progress report on the Downton film. “Honestly I have no idea if or what is happening with the movie unfortunately, I wish I did, but I have no idea what’s going on.”

Gruffudd was also thrilled to dive into this part. “He’s an ambiguous character, and there is something behind that veneer that is slight disturbing,” he said. “This is a part I’ve been itching to play for many, many years. I’ve either been too young or perceived a certain way. Now I’m in my 40s and my skin has weathered so I can add a bit more gravitas to this role.”

As for a potential second season, Harry Williams said, “It’s one of those things we’re always open to. In the lives of these characters, as you work with them, as you go through the journey, there’s always a tomorrow for the story. For Liar there could be one.”

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