Sarah Silverman Travels Country In Search Of The Un-Like-Minded For Hulu’s ‘I Love You America’ – TCA

Luke Fontana

Sarah Silverman is really proud of the pitch she gave on her Hulu show I Love You, America, promising that, while other late-night shows connect with like-minded people, hers will connect with the un-like-minded.

“Then we sat down and said, ‘Let’s make the show,’ and I said ‘Oh fuck. That’s hard!’”

The 10-episode straight-to-series order for the weekly half-hour topical show, from Funny or Die, is Hulu’s first stab at the talk-variety arena.

I Love You, America will include field pieces – Sarah will have dinner with a family that has never met a Jew – and studio segments, and a focus group of a dozen people from all walks of life, who viewers will get to know across the first season.

There will be a monologue, in which Silverman said she might, for instance, explain how politicians in Washington are like Real Housewives of [Fill in the Blank]. 

The Middle Aged Women Of Real Housewives behave like the worst verions of themselves on national TV because, Silverman explained, “they don’t see the whole country; they see these off-camera producers giving them wild praise and approval for misbehavior.” Similarly, she said, politicians “aren’t serving their constituents, because they’re not surrounded by their constituents. They’re surrounded by lobbyists.”

Silverman also is mulling a segment called Sympathy for the Devil, because, she said, “I do think you can find compassion for any monster out there.”

The Q&A opened with a clip reel that included some of the yeastier quotes and tweets that have been written about Silverman. One critic wondered if the remarks in the clip reel being so very vulgar, she’s now impervious to anything else that might be said about her.

“You’re adorable, but that’s nothing,” Silverman responded, adding, “I will say, whoever wrote that I am shaped like a fridge ‘with floppy shits for tits’ …I want him, or her, to write for the show.”

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