Martial Arts Series ‘Bushido Battleground’ Gets Green Light At El Rey Network

El Rey Network

El Rey Network has given the green light to Bushido Battleground, a new 10-episode, two-hour martial arts series.

Described as part documentary and part travelogue, Bushido Battleground features elite fighters in the full-contact sports of MMA, submission Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai matches from around the world. Cameras not only cover the fights but also track the drama before, during and after the bouts. It follows the fighters and their teams, experiencing their unique training, learning the fighters’ different strategies and seeing how those strategies come to life in the action of the ring.

“El Rey Network has found great success with our lucha libre wrestling series Lucha Underground and our weekly martial arts film blocks,” said El Rey Network President and GM Daniel Tibbets. “Like Lucha and the martial arts films, Bushido Battleground will feature great storytelling, compelling fights and incredible skill.”

George Chung and Andy Horne executive produce. Chung, CEO and co-founder of JungoTV, is a former five-time world martial arts champion and member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame. Horne was co-producer on Blade and Blade II and developed La Femme Nikita and the animated series Spawn.

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