Larry David Contrasts His Political Incorrectness With Donald Trump’s: “I Don’t Consider Myself A Pr*ck” – TCA


Larry David says he returned for another season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm after a six-year break because “I got tired of people asking me when is the show coming back.”

Talking at TCA about the new season, one TV critic told him that now he’s got competition when it comes to saying offensive and inappropriate things in our newly elected President Donald Trump, and wondered if he saw any similarities.

“Well, I don’t consider myself a prick,” David shot back.

“Our president is not funny; Larry is funny, so I don’t see the competition,” cast member/EP Jeff Garlin jumped in. “One is sad and one helps you escape from the horribleness of the sad one.”

“One is mentally ill, and one is sane,” chimed in cast member Susie Essman.

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” David told Essman.

Another TV critic wondered if David’s perception of TV Larry has changed, asking if there’s any chance he’s lovable this season.

“No he’s not – but fascinating question,” David responded witheringly.

Yet another critic wondered if he’d noticed the other comedies that tried to imitate his show or character in the intervening years. “Yes. I think I’m able to recognize that. Yes, I can spot that very quickly,” he snickered, then cackled.


Then there was the critic who wondered why David settled on having TV Larry play golf as a relaxing pastime, when he’s more of a doubles tennis guy.   “How is TV Larry a golf guy?” the critic asked, just asking for trouble.

“TV Larry is just about a quarter-inch away from Real Larry; Real Larry plays golf, so TV Larry plays golf. See how that works?” David sniffed.

By now it was clear critics were baiting David, but he seemed to enjoy the exercise. Asked a question that included a reference to the much-derided Seinfeld finale, David shot back: “I guess that’s a Seinfeld reference. What are you doing? I’ve braved traffic to be here. To bring up the Seinfeld finale — shame on you!”

In the new Curb episode sent to critics, TV Larry participates in the celebrity genealogy program Finding Your Roots and learns actually he is related to doppelganger Bernie Sanders, who he played on Saturday Night Live during the election.

“They told me not to say anything,” Larry screeched. “You just spilled the beans!”

David said he participated in the program because he “thought it would be cool” and found out about Sanders being distantly related. “I love Bernie,” David gushed.

He says he also learned he has slaveholder ancestors – a maybe reference to Ben Affleck having asked, and program host/EP Henry Louis Gates Jr. having scandalously agreed, to have that part of his ancestry stricken from Affleck’s episode the PBS program.

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