‘Boston Strong,’ ‘The Finest Hours’ Author Acquires Rights To Biker-Turns-Undercover-Cop True Story

Barbara Bradshaw

Casey Sherman, the co-author of the book Boston Strong (it was one of the many sources for the film Patriots Day) and the author of also of The Finest Hours, has — along with Ted Collins and producer Ryan Sweeney — acquired the rights to the story of outlaw biker turned undercover cop Wayne Bradshaw. They will develop the property for television via Sherman and Collin’s Whydah Prods.

Bradshaw first told his story in an autobiography, written with Douglas P. Love, Jersey Tough: My Wild Ride from Outlaw Biker to Undercover Cop in a book published  last year.

Sweeney said that the crime drama “is reminiscent of the long-running series Sons of Anarchy mixed with The Shield.”

“Big Chuck” Bradshaw (as he is known) is the only outlaw biker in history to become a sworn police officer. Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Bradshaw enlisted in the U.S. Army as a teen, dreaming of becoming a member of the nation’s Special Forces. Instead, he spent much of his time on U.S. bases in Germany, where vicious fights among enlisted men were commonplace and there was no path to honor or glory. Disillusioned, he returned home and became a color-wearing member of the Pagan motorcycle gang. As sergeant-at-arms for the Sandy Hook Pagans, Bradshaw and other bikers extended the gang’s control over the Jersey Shore and engaged in turf battles with rival biker gangs.

As the violence grew ever more intense, Bradshaw realized he had to get out. In an extremely risky move, he returned his Pagan colors to the club president and declared that he wanted out—even though he knew the move could put his life in immediate danger, not knowing if the club might seek revenge.

He left the biker life and joined the Middletown, New Jersey police force and went undercover to elminate drugs. His life on the straight and narrow eventually led him to become one of the earliest volunteers at the World Trade Center during the events surrounding 9/11.

Barbara Bradshaw

As part of his story, Bradshaw befriended world-famous champion MMA fighter Renzo Gracie and became a student of his. Through Gracie, he learned how to use Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu to defend himself and to subdue criminals without the use of deadly force. The two have now known each other for about 20 years. “We’re going to incorporate his story into the series, including how their friendship began and how Gracie helped Bradshaw in his job and how Bradshaw helped Gracie assimilate into America,” said producer Sweeney.

The show they are now developing will explore his life from biker to becoming a highly decorated cop on the Jersey Shore.


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