Seth Meyers Probes Jared Kushner’s Nickname, Kid Rock’s Senate Bid And Other Scary Headlines


Seth Meyers raced through recent headlines on Monday night’s Late Night so his viewers could catch up:

  • In an end-of-an-era move, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned, and “just for old time’s sake, he denied it.”
  • President Donald Trump is so unhappy with AG Jeff Sessions he’s considering replacing him with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. “That’s like being so unhappy with your wife you’re considering replacing her with Rudy Giuliani.”
  • Kid Rock has further fueled speculation he will officially run for the Senate by tweeting a poll showing he would lead a hypothetical election against the Democratic senator. Even worse, his music.”
  • A Canadian toothpick company is selling luxury toothpicks for $25 per pack. “Incidentally, Luxury Toothpick is Ivanka‚Äôs nickname for Jared.”

It was pretty frightening.

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