Trevor Noah Explains Donald Trump’s Anthony Scaramucci Bromance

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah won the heated Late Night Scaramucci competition with The Daily Show’s Profiles in Tremendousness  look at President Donald Trump’s new White House Communications Director.

“Since he’s going to be around at least a month,” Noah explained.

Scaramucci got off to quite a start.  At Friday’s press briefing, he spoke of the need to let letting Trump be himself express his full identity. That’s good news, Noah explained, for all of us who have been watching Trump in office and thinking,  “Man, if he could just come out of his shell.”

Over the weekend, Scaramucci seemed to bungle the message on Presidential Pardons, directly contradicting the outside lawyer who has been hired by Trump to handle all things Russia probe-related.

What is it that Trump felt qualified a guy for the job who has no obvious communications experience and a history of being pro-choice, pro gun control, etc – besides having spent seven years at Goldman Sachs?

Noah and team unearthed the real reason.

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