‘Hit The Road’ Star Jason Alexander On Making A Family Comedy Not For Families — TCA


Audience Network’s new comedy Hit The Road,  closed out today’s panel presentation at the TCA confab in Beverly Hills. Starring Jason Alexander, the comedy follows a chaotically dysfunctional family of would-be rock/pop stars traverse the country in a cramped second-hand tour bus, seeking Partridge Family-esque fame.

However, unlike The Partridge Family series, Hit the Road may not actually be suited for families.”It is our job, and the Audience Network’s job, to not let the audience get blindsided,” said Alexander. “That’s why the tag line is ‘Family band, not a family show.'” He plays patriarch Ken Swallow (get it?) in the new series that centers on the family dealing with the daily challenges of adolescence, marital woes, financial ruin, while they face the kinds of odd-ball characters and situations that can only be found in the world of rock and roll.

Being on a network with a TV-MA rating gave the producers the license to push the envelope, which, said Alexander, wouldn’t have been possible without the current landscape of television.

“The parameters have opened up about what kind of situations you’re allowed to portray. With the advent of pay TV where there are no advertising breaks it allows you to tell stories in a different way. You break that five act structure that we all had to adhere to. Your 30 minute show is actually 30 minutes so you can sit with characters in moments in a more realistic way. You can explore things deeper,” he said, adding “Some see it as a scourge, but for the rest of us we see that as a great opportunity.

Co-created by Alexander, Emmy-nominated comedy writer Peter Tilden and Dean Craig, the half-hour series series, also stars Amy Pietz, Natalie Sharp, Nick Marini, Tim Johnson Jr. and Maddie Dixon-Poirier,.

Produced by Fabrik Entertainment, Hit The Road, which was given a 10-episode straight-to-series order, is set to premiere October 17 on the Audience Network.

Alexender, Tilden, Craig are exec producers along with Bart Peters and Primary Wave Entertainment’s David Guillod, Mark Burg and Fabrik Entertainment’s Melissa Aouate and Henrik Bastin.

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