‘Dirk Gently’ Serves Up Clip-Heavy Panel In Hall H – Comic-Con

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
BBC America

Max Landis, creator of BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, dropped a new clip to Hall H attendees today. The series is currently halfway through production on season 2. Check out one of the clips here:

Explaining the above, Landis says, “Several times the characters on our show mirror each other. There’s a very weird underserved military subplot. By the end of season 1, Trump won the election. And Hugo Friedkin assumed control of the Black Wing, that controls, protects and contains anomalous people. They’re not mutants. They exist anomalously; and their presence in the universe creates small distortions and heals distortions.”

Landis added that “Hugo Friedkin was given $80 million to find these people and he killed Neil Brown, Jr.” referring to the actor’s alter ego Estevez.

“There’s a guy who wants to dissect his brain in that scene,” said Landis about Dirk’s imprisoned cell situation.

A second clip showed Ken (Mpho Koaho), a taxi driver inside his car being held in a white room. He’s been there for 70 days. Hugo Friedkin (Dustin Milligan) enters in a green hazmat suit and electrocutes Ken repeatedly. Kens says he’s continually asked about his superpowers, which he denies he possesses.

“It’s such, such a bummer, we can’t find any of these cool guys like the human bomb, the visible guy or the shapeshifter,” says Friedkin about the super-powered beings he’s looking for, adding “Dirk Gently and Icarus are lame and annoying.”

The BBC series is inspired by Douglas Adams’ 1987 novel, which was actually lifted from two Doctor Serials that the late author penned.

Talking about their new characters in season 2 Tyler Labine said he plays Sherlock Hobbs, a guy who looks to hang with Dirk’s team. “He’s the highly unchallenged sheriff of Burgs, and wants to be like them and enable them in all the wrong ways.”

Alan Tudyk said, “I play a bad man who is after and attacking the anomalous. I have a big gun and I shoot it.”

On today’s panel was Samuel Barnett (Dirk Gently), Elijah Wood (Todd Brotzman), Jade Eshete (Farah Black), Hannah Marks (Amanda Brotzman), Fiona Dourif (Bart), Mpho Koaho (Ken), newcomers Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine and creator Max Landis and showrunner Robert Cooper.

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