‘Justice League’ Trailer: Wonder Woman Saves School Children, But Is Superman Still Alive? – Comic-Con

Justice League Comic-Con

Talk about intense. The Justice League team dropped a new trailer during Warner BrosComic-Con session; an event that ended with Jason Momoa (Aquaman) becoming so excited, he tossed a chair onstage in the mammoth Hall H and picked up Ezra Miller (The Flash) by the midsection.

“This is how we roll,” Gal Gadot told moderator Chris Hardwick. Justice League opens November 17.

In the trailer (watch it above), a group of assassins enter a building full of school children. Wonder Woman blasts through the door and saves them taking out every single guy. One tries to knock her out, but her head is much harder. Cut to Diana Prince at the Louvre in Paris brushing up a statue. “What did you do this weekend,” asked her assistant. “Oh, nothing very interesting.”

J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon flashes the Bat Signal to the sky. The trailer sets up that the world is mourning Superman’s death. “These are the age of heroes who will never come again,” announces Wonder Woman in the trailer. Another cool shot shows Aquaman dropping through a building standing on top of a body and then walking out the front door. “Don’t engage this alone, we’re all in this together,” adds Wonder Woman to her super friends. Also seen here is the bad guy from Batman V. Superman, Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), making an appearance, invading Wonder Woman’s femme island and then lording over his own underworld.

At one point the superheroes are on top of the building with Gordon. “How many of you are there?” asks Gordon. “Not enough,” says Batman as they all disappear except for Miller’s Flash, who is left befuddled. At the end of trailer, Jeremy Irons’ Alfred gets a visit from a mysterious friend. Could it be, gulp, Superman?

Ray Fisher (Cyborg) told everyone that with Joss Whedon’s recent handling of reshoots shouldn’t be taken as indication that they’re secretly filming Justice League 2.

Check out the new poster that also was unveiled in San Diego:


Justice League Poster
Warner Bros

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