‘Blade Runner 2049’: New Footage Shown; Harrison Ford Says His Goal Is To Reboot Franchises – Comic-Con

By Anthony D'Alessandro, Mike Fleming Jr


Warner Bros. truly amazed us here in Hall H with its 180-degree screens, a piece of exhibition used two years ago during WBTV’s Saturday night. In Blade Runner 2049‘s session during the WB panel, the studio tricked out a timeline around the room that bridged the last movie’s post events to the new sequel. The presentation then segued to a virtual hologram Jared Leto, who spoke about the future.

The most recent trailer was shown (check it out below), but then the crowd saw a new clip of Ryan Gosling’s Officer K walking through a hall of statue replicants (we’ve seen this part in the trailer); one of the muscular guys Nexus 08 looks lot like the super human seen in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. A white-clad woman (Sylvia Hoeks) leads Officer K to a drawer full of small glass balls. She places one in a computer which shows a video of Ford’s cop from the first film giving a replicant the third degree with an eye analysis.

“I didn’t want anyone else to f*ck it up. It was my favorite movie of all time growing up and it’s part of my birth, my desire to be a filmmaker,” Denis Villeneuve  said why he tackled the sequel. The Arrival director explained that Ridley Scott was there at the onset, assisting in the pic’s backstory and then left the show to Villeneuve.

As to whether the sequel answered questions from the first film, Harrison Ford snarked, “It doesn’t matter what I think.” He called out the depth of the script. “The original film explored the ethics and utility of replicants, and we further develop those themes in the story. But I’m not going to tell you anything about it.”

A fan asked Ford, “Is it your goal to reboot every major franchise there is?”

Ford exclaimed boldly, “You bet your ass it is”.

Moderator Chris Hardwick said, “I can come over there and tickle you until you say something about it.”

“Bring it on,” said Ford in cool tone.

“It was hard to distinguish the villain from the hero; there’s a haunting ambiguity to it,” said Ryan Gosling on what drew him to the series.

“It’s like being on the football team with the Avengers,” said Gosling. Then Hardwick corrected, “I think you mean Justice League. There’s a glitch.”

Blade Runner 2049, an Alcon/WB/Sony production, hits theaters October 6. Here’s the latest trailer:

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