‘Twin Peaks’ Panel Kicks Off With Surprise David Lynch Video Visit – Comic-Con

By Dominic Patten, Anthony D'Alessandro

Kyle MacLachlan Comic-Con

David Lynch was not scheduled to be a part of Twin Peaks Comic-Con panel today, but the Oscar-nominated director showed up anyway via a bizarre video clip that only he could have made.

Twin Peaks Comic-Con
Dominic Patten/Deadline

Introduced by moderator and The Leftovers boss Damon Lindelof, the video features Lynch addressing the crowd in Hall H with O.J. Simpson jokes and constant interruptions from an unseen intruder off-camera.

Before the video was shown, Lindelof asserted to the crowd what Twin Peaks had meant for him personally and his career.

“In 1990, I was a sophomore in high school, a quirky misfit. The popular kids had colorful ways of describing me with my saddle shoes and slicked back hair. To cool kids, I was a weirdo,” began Lindelof.

“Then on April 8 my life changed forever with that dead body and the words ‘She dead wrapped in plastic.’ I was no longer alone. I was in Twin Peaks,” said Lindelof.

Damon Lindelof
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“Without Twin Peaks, there would be no Sopranos, no X-Files, no True Detective, no Fargo, no Lost…” Lindelof said, rattling off shows.

“I owe my entire career to this show and I can’t think of a better place to say that in Hall H at Comic-Con before a roomful of weirdos,” said the Lost creator.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentleman,” said Lynch in the first take before being interrupted, “Hey buddy, don’t go out that door. We’re on the fourth floor, we’re not on the ground.” Lynch then got up walked off camera and you could hear someone fall down an elevator shaft. Then there were sounds of car crash and honks. Lynch reappeared in the second take holding an arm, and then taking a golf ball out of it. “This is the last golf ball that O.J. Simpson hit before he went into jail in Nevada.” Angelo Badalamenti’s main Twin Peaks theme played over the entire video.

After the video from Lynch, the cast of the 18-episode Showtime revival of the iconic 1990s series came onstage for Twin Peaks’ Comic-Con debut. Kyle MacLachlan told Lindelof he literally found out about Lynch and Frost bringing his Agent Cooper character and the shoe back over a cup of coffee.

“He said, are you ready to go back to Twin Peaks?” the actor recalled. “I said, ‘David, I never left,” MacLachlan told the mostly full Hall H to applause. Also on today’s panel was Everett McGill, Dana Ashbrook, Tim Roth, Kimmy Robertson, Matthew Lillard, James Marshall, Don Murray and Naomi Watts.

For the most part, the actors spoke about their experiences working with Lynch. “Whenever David calls, we take the call,” said Lynch. Then, potentially dishing out a spoiler, Watts added, “Even if he asks you to wear a bunny suit!” Then taking it back, the Mulholland Drive actress, “No, that’s a whole other project altogether.”

Watts first visited Lynch some time ago at his house with Laura Dern. The two tried to coax Lynch into returning to the series and he didn’t provide them a definite answer, until the time when the director called Watts up to his house again. This time, he had scenes for her to read.

“When you’re not a Lynch fan and come in (to the audition room for the first time), it’s a little strange,” said Lillard to the crowd.

“When you’re reading a David Lynch script you don’t know where it’s going to go. I got to the scene in Episode 9; it was intimidating, the scariest scariest thing I ever read as an actor. In the middle of it, the character breaks down sobbing,” added the Scooby-Doo actor who delighted the crowd with an impersonation of his Shaggy character from the 2002 Raja Gosnell film.

MacLachlan regaled with a pitch-perfect Lynch accent the moment when Jim Belushi tried to go off script and improvise: “Mr. Belushi, do I have to report you to the principal’s office?”

Evil Cooper Twin Peaks

Of course, the panel wouldn’t wouldn’t be a Twin Peaks panel without discussion of evil Dale Cooper and Dougie Jones. Maclachlan said he worked slowly and closely with Lynch to crack Evil Cooper since he was largely playing against type, churning out the most nefarious persona on his filmography.

While many might find Dougie Jones to be a strange dude, for Kimmy Robertson (Lucy) he’s a guy many can relate to. “If you live in the suburbs and have kids, it’s very easy to slip through the cracks and say one word a month — and what wife wouldn’t like that?” she said.

Twin Peaks is moving to 8 PM on Sunday, August 6 on Showtime. Episode 11 is screening tonight at Comic-Con in Room 6A.

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