‘Hannity’ Books Sean Spicer & Reince Priebus To Spin White House Press Office Explosion, But Anthony Scaramucci Bails – Update

Fox News Channel

UPDATED, 3:50 PM: Newly crowned White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci will not be appearing on Fox News’ Hannity tonight after all. No explanation was given for the back-out.

PREVIOUSLY, 1:23 PM: Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity might be the ringmaster of a three-ring circus in a few hours. The Hannity host will sit down for interviews with newly former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and spankin’ new White House Communications Director/Hannity pal Anthony Scaramucci. The interview will air tonight on the primetime show.

Sean Spicer

There certainly won’t be any shortage of topics to discuss after a wild morning for the Donald Trump administration’s communications department. To wit: a) Scaramucci was named to his post; b) Spicer quit his; c) Scaramucci met the press in the briefing room and said in an oh-by-the-way manner that Sarah Huckabee Sanders got the White Hours press secretary gig, erasing her “deputy” tag; d) Trump praised Spicer’s “great television ratings”; e) Scaramucci said he hopes Spicer “goes on to make a tremendous amount of money”; and f) China and North Korea invaded Russia. (Editor’s note: One of the above is fake news. But only one.)

Lost in that shuffle was what should have been a big announcement of Huckabee Sanders landing the (once)-coveted press secretary gig. Scaramucci opened his remarks with it, but microphone trouble kept many in the room from hearing it. When he re-announced, he led a brief round of applause, then it was on to himself. Bus wheels, meet Sarah.

Upon reflection, that’s not all that far from a typical Friday news cycle in Trump’s America.

Hannity will air at 10 PM ET/7 PT on FNC — unless the host or one of his guests is replaced by, say, Alex Jones or Marlin Fitzwater first.

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