‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ At Comic-Con: Halle Berry Whiskey-Drinking, Eggsy Vs. Archer & Over 18 Minutes Of Footage

By Anthony D'Alessandro, Mike Fleming Jr

Kingsman Halle Berry Comic-Con

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 2 didn’t make a surprise appearance at 20th Century Fox’s Comic-Con panel, but the studio brought a full court for its September 22-debuting sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Prior to the 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare hitting the screen with the opening sequence of the Matthew Vaughn-directed film, an animated Archer short played featuring Eggsy (Taron Egerton) running through the streets of London to the Kingsman suit shop. There he encounters Archer, who tells the young lad he looks like his shop teacher with those spectacles. The two pull out their guns: Eggy’s in Archer’s face, and Archer’s gun pointed at Eggsy’s manhood. Eggsy then challenges Archer to a drinking contest whereby the FX spy immediately deep-sixes a bottle of whiskey and passes out on the floor. Funny stuff.

This was soon followed by a video message by Vaughn in an editing bay, introducing the pic’s opening. Fox recently pulled this type of promo stunt before where they showed the beginning of Logan and A Cure For Wellness at a December press reel day.

Choreographed to the Prince tune “Let’s Go Crazy,” we see Eggsy being pummeled by a villain with a metallic arm, pursued by three cars, as they ride in a taxi. The sequence ends with the agent dispatching the bad guys with missiles. then driving underwater without a windshield. Eggsy has to hold his breath (Mark Strong reminds Eggsy of that talent from his training, harkening back to the first film). It’s the kind of stunt-filled scene you won’t see in 007 because that series is so serious and this one leans into having fun.

Earlier today, 20th Century Fox dropped a second trailer for Golden Circle. Taron Egerton, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Colin Firth, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, scribe Jane Goldman and Kingsman co-creator Dave Gibbons were present in Hall H.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Comic-Con

“I’m nothing in terms of strength to one Channing Tatum,” exclaimed Egerton. “Don’t get in a fight with Channing Tatum.” At which point a second sequence was shown whereby Eggsy and Merlin arrive in Kentucky at the Statesman HQ. Essentially, in the sequel the Kingsman tailor shop is blown to smithereens and the UK spy outfit links up with their stateside allies. Entering into the barn, Merlin cuts a hole in a whiskey barrel thinking it’s the sub-entrance to the Statesman control room. This ticks off Tatum’s Agent Tequila, who gets in a fight with Merlin and Eggsy and ultimately knocks the latter out.

Going down the dais, the cast expounded on their roles. Berry described her part as being akin to Merlin’s Q-like role for The Kingsman. “She’s Ginger Ale. She’s a mixer,” said the Oscar winner, “She’s the tech-y, nerdy character and she has hidden depths.” Chugging whiskey was de rigueur for the panelist, and Berry quickly emptied a glassful, earning cheers from the crowd. “20th Century Fox would like you to drink responsibility,” quipped the moderator off her stunt. “We’ll just let Halle answer all the questions from herein.”

Said Berry: “To be a Statesman woman you need to know how to put down a pint of bourbon and still stand.”

Expounding on his character Agent Champagne, Bridges said, “He’s challenged by his vices, but he’s a tough guy who likes to get up right there in the face of that vice. I think he wears booze as a cologne, he likes to put it on. He doesn’t like to smoke because he knows it’s bad for him. He likes to surround himself with that which he’s afraid of.”

In the final sequence dropped, we get to see Julianne Moore play the bad gal as Poppy, the drug lord of the Golden Circle who has a penchant for 1950s architecture and memorabilia; her jungle tomb hideout tricked out with a main street that features a diner and cinema. “My drugs are everywhere,” she says at the top of the clip before hazing a new recruit to kill a fellow Golden Circle member by sticking him in a meat grinder. Afterwards the recruit has his teeth filed, his fingerprints redesigned and is branded with the cartel’s insignia. He’s then forced to eat the guy he just killed who Moore has just turned into a hamburger.

Still even with Gambit himself (Tatum) in the room today, no word or clips on Fox’s further Marvel universe.

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