Donald Trump Tweets Dems To Blame For Senate Trumpcare Bill Collapse On Made In America Day

Donald Trump
Associated Press

Democrats are to blame for the collapse of the Senate’s Trumpcare legislation, President Donald Trump tweeted this morning, saying “we” were “let down by all of the Democrats” but promising that Republicans “will return.”

Trump has played the Blame Dems card throughout the process of trying to forge a Trumpcare bill; back in March he tweeted same when Republicans were forced to pull their Obamacare repeal from the House floor. House Speaker Paul Ryan eventually got a bill through, which Trump celebrated in a Rose Garden ceremony, then blasted as a “mean” bill weeks later.

With that in mind, Trump advocated this morning that Senate Republicans let Obamacare “fail” – a strategy he’d had previously would be politically effective but bad for the American people.

Monday had been a tough day for Trump. The announcements by two more Republicans they would cast a  “no” vote on the Trumpcare bill came as he was wining and dining GOP senators thought to be deft in dealing with tough legislative battles, after a busy day having his photo taken sitting in an American-made fire truck and trying on a cowboy hat, in celebration of Made in America Day:


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