‘Loaded’ Review: Mary McCormack Gives AMC’s Big-Bucks Brit Comedy Real Bite


Debuting tonight on AMC, the tech-themed Loaded is far from merely a British version of HBO’s Silicon Valley and, in fact, a lot smarter and more fun that it might seem. Adding to the combination of four friends who become instant multi-millionaires from the sale of their app, Mary McCormack delivers a blistering, brassy performance as the American corporate VP who arrives to show there is a new sheriff in old London town.

Having already aired this year on Channel 4 in the UK, Loaded is about how more money can cause more problems and reveal who the people that you thought you knew really are – often not in a good way, as I say in my video review above. Based on the Israeli series Mesudarim, the series starring Jim Howick, Samuel Anderson, Jonny Sweet and Nick Helm is full of clubbing in Viking helmets, seemingly bottomless swimming pools, bathtubs full of Dom Perignon, and all the toys and dumb ideas money can buy for the insecure and awkward.

For all its man-children fantasies of success, revenge and more, Loaded is also a show that becomes more full of laughs (even if you cringe most of the time) and invigorating the deeper you get into the eight-episode run. Part of that is thanks to the quartet of actors who make up the founders of game inventors Idyl Hands, and part of that are the rather good scripts from former Veep associate producer Jon Brown and the show’s elastic premise. An excellent turn by Peaky Blinders vet Aimee-Ffion Edwards as the ex-girlfriend of Howick’s hapless and morally pretzel-ed Josh also helps elevate the show. But it is West Wing alum McCormack as the self-described “sexy Darth Vader” and Bono-appreciating Casey that makes everything worse for the boys and better for the show.

Before Loaded premieres at 10 PM ET tonight, take a look at my review and tell us whether you’ll be living the dream with the newly rich Idyl Hands gang.

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