Edgar Wright On “Seismic Impact” Of George A. Romero

George A Romero Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright seems a more than appropriate person to pen a tribute to George A. Romero, who died Sunday at age 77.

Wright on his personal blog today began a remembrance of the iconic writer-director that “It’s fair to say that without George A. Romero, I would not have the career I have now,” said Wright, who recounted the story of how Romero’s Living Dead movies were a dead-on influence of Wright and Simon Pegg’s Cornetto films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. Wright recounted that he and Pegg got Romero to a screening of 2004’s Shaun of the Dead, and in the end Romero’s quote — “an absolute blast” — became the only quote ad used on the U.S. poster. A year later, Romero cast the pair as zombies for one day of shooting Land of the Dead.

Wright also noted Romero’s interest in movies went beyond the zombie genre he essentially created. “…There was always the sense that George had interests in film that stretched beyond the realm of horror. But even if he was pigeonholed somewhat in the genre realm, one of the reasons that his work resonates still is because of fierce intelligence and humour behind it. His zombie films alone are the work of a major satirist, being highly vivid socio-political metaphors and sometimes better records of the years in which they were made than countless serious dramas.

While genre films are often dismissed when people are talking about classic cinema, there is absolutely no denying the seismic impact his movies have had and continue to have in the world of film, TV, comics, video games and literature.”

Said Wright at the conclusion: “R.I.P. to the lovely George. Knowing your movies, I have a feeling you will be back.”

Read his full tribute here.

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