Translating Donald Trump Without Looking Like An Idiot Is Tough, Professionals Tell ‘The Daily Show’


While in France to celebrate Bastille Day, the President of the United States attempted to charm the French First Lady, assuring Brigitte Macron her body looks “beautiful,” and telling President Emmanuel Macron, approvingly,  “She’s in such good physical shape!”

Translating this boorish caught-on-camera remark for a French audience must have been challenging, thought The Daily Shows Desi Lydic, in an insightful segment about the peril of translating Donald Trump.

Professional translators told Lydic that Trump is the “worst” person to translate, because he’s sometimes incoherent, sometimes changes his mind in the middle of a sentence, is grammatically incorrect, and “seems a little bit uneducated.” One translator confessed he sometimes has to “fake it” and not translate Trump literally, “otherwise you’re going to look like an idiot yourself.”

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